Many couples are struggling these days with fertility problems. They want to get pregnant and have their baby. But, it can take years to conceive.

The couple may be anxiously watching month by month and year by year during the waiting time. Then, finally, the exciting day of pregnancy arrives, and the pregnancy test will show positive. It seems like a big miracle, and this is a time for celebration.

Both husband and wife need to be in excellent health before conception. That way, there will be a much healthier baby growing.

How To Have A Healthier Pregnancy And Delivery

The First Trimester

Even though this is an exciting time, there are now morning sickness and nausea problems. Pregnant women have new struggles to deal with now. Fortunately, this phase doesn’t last forever. Most women suffer from the first trimester’s typical morning sickness. They reach for the soda crackers.

Nothing tastes or smells good anymore. During this phase, it’s very important to find a whole food supplement, preferably rich in greens, B-vitamins, and natural nutrients. The local health food store will likely carry a good brand. This will help the morning sickness to subside. There is one necessary caution, though: never take a supplement on an empty stomach, or you are guaranteed to be running for the bathroom. Make sure that you eat something like a banana or an apple before taking the supplement, or you can end up with irritable bowel syndrome.

The first trimester (first three months) is a great time to enjoy the thought of the new arrival that will be coming. It’s important to learn about proper nutrition and make sure that you get started on a daily walking routine that you continue throughout the pregnancy. If you exercise daily for 15 minutes – 1 hour, it will bring important oxygen to your body and the baby. You will also strengthen your lungs, heart, and endurance in preparation for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

The Second Trimester

The second trimester (second three months) is when you will be at the cute pregnant stage. People can tell just by looking at you that you are pregnant. It will be hard to hide your growing belly. It’s easy to still be active, and you can feel the baby’s movements. This can also be a fun time as you anticipate this living, growing, and active being that is inside.

It’s very important to get the best nutrition possible. Many women in America start to get a problem called pre-eclampsia. This is dangerous for the mom and baby and is diet-related. Make sure that you avoid junk foods and high-fat foods. The vegan diet is very helpful for mothers. Very rarely would a new mother ever get pre-eclampsia when eating a diet complete with grains, beans, vegetables, and fresh fruit?

Go shopping for some cute maternity clothes. Some thrift stores can have really cute outfits if you are trying to save money. You want to look as cute as possible, considering how bigger you will become. If you feel like you look cute, you won’t mind the awkwardness of your larger size as much.

The Third Trimester

The third trimester(last three months) can be very uncomfortable. With so much extra weight to carry around, there can be back or hip aches, problems sleeping, and frequent trips to the bathroom with a full bladder. It’s important to keep exercising to build up strength. Take a childbirth class with your spouse and learn all you can about how to deliver your baby with relaxation and skill.

You may have many times that you will have a ravenous appetite. This is to your benefit if you like to eat, but make sure that you are eating the high-fiber foods (pinto beans or any type of bean, brown rice or other grains, nuts, potatoes, steamed vegetables and salads, fruits) that will assist your digestion and energy levels. This is not a time to get constipated with many types of meat and cheeses, which will slow down your labor and cause more discomfort in delivery.

A five-week herbal formula is very helpful to take during the five weeks before your delivery date. It helps to prepare your body for faster and easier delivery. This can be found at your local health food store. Hopefully, you have located a good source well in advance, so you’re not desperately looking for it during the time you need it.


Eat as healthfully as possible and exercise daily before and during pregnancy. Then, you will have the best chance for a healthy baby and less complicated labor. Get some fashionable maternity clothing so you feel better about how you look. And take advantage of classes, daily and herbal supplements, and other help for a healthy pregnancy and deliver

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