In addition to being low in calories, it is a meal that enhances the thermal effect by requiring a large amount of energy to digest. Rich in potassium and with a low sodium content (responsible for water retention), it also has a diuretic effect which helps eliminate toxins.


Preferably Granny Smith (less sweet than other varieties).Its pectin content has a double action: it is very satiating and traps the fats ingested in the stomach. The pectin indeed transforms the fats into a gel.

Oat Bran

This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken to you about this # 1 breakfast ally. It contains soluble fibers, which ping a part of the fats in food and insoluble, which promotes satiety.

8 Belly Fat Burning Foods
8 Belly Fat Burning Foods


It includes citric acid, which aids in the digestion of fat and protein in the stomach to dissolve fat and protein. In addition, it only contains 25 kcal per 100g, which makes it a palpable slimming ally. To consume as a seasoning in salads or as a homemade lemonade that you can make with lemon juice, still or sparkling water and a little honey if you prefer sweet flavors.

Green Tea

Green tea, known for its diuretic and slimming properties, has a detoxifying effect on the liver. The theine it contains increases the basal metabolism, which promotes energy expenditure. The tannins in green tea reduce the assimilation of fats by our body and on the other hand, the bitter chemical components of tea help to inhibit sugar cravings.


Red, green, or yellow eliminates some of the sugars and fats ingested. It also has an appreciable diuretic action and promotes the feeling of satiety.


Studies have shown that cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. For example, you can use it instead of sugar in coffee, tea, or yogurt.


Rich in insoluble fibers and very low in calories, it promotes, like zucchini, the thermal effect. It contains fibers, making it a very satiating food, making it an ideal slimming partner.

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