Controlling weight gain during the holidays is one of life’s most difficult tasks. We usually forget about our routine and do anything we like. Numerous more elements can influence how our bodies retain fat cells over the holiday season. The following are things to keep in mind as preventative measures to avoid weight gain throughout the holiday season.


The holidays may be highly stressful. We’re traveling, seeing family, or just out of our typical routine, even if it’s a season you adore. When you are anxious, your body, physical and emotional, responds to the stress. Our brains frequently stimulate us to relieve stress by eating. Make time for yourself, or schedule time particularly for relaxation. Spend 30 to 60 minutes reading or playing a game with your family or a friend.


Some people get to sleep in a lot during the holidays. These are usually the people who are in the mood to relax. A lot of sleep tends to change our chemical balance. On top of the chemical reactions, it’s quite hard to make good food decisions when you’re battling fatigue as well. Spending time with family is important, but make sure to keep your health a top priority.


Keeping active during the holidays can seem challenging, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be! Take a trip around the block with your siblings to catch up. Play some Wii or Kinect games with the family. Play football with a group of boys. In this way, you can keep your body in control of weight gain.

Drink Water

This suggestion might surprise you, but this is important to keep fit during holidays. We generally misread thirst as hunger and eat when we don’t need to. Not only will drinking plenty of water help keep you hydrated, but it’s a great way to help fend off cravings!

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